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Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Protruding ears can become the focal point of your whole face, and it's not uncommon to want ears that are more balanced and proportional. Otoplasty, or ear pinning, can reshape your ears and help you feel more confident about your overall appearance. Ear surgery has been a truly life changing experience for patients of all ages, even children as young as five.

Before & After Photos Available In-Office
To respect patient discretion, we offer a full gallery of before and after photos for review in-person at your consultation appointment.

About the Treatment

Dr. Lefkowitz will make a small, unnoticeable incision in the crease behind your ear. The details of the treatment will depend on your specific goals. Dr. Lefkowitz may do ear re-folding, stitching or reshaping to help you get the natural, balanced shape and position you're wanting. 


It's common to experience mild swelling and bruising after an otoplasty, both of which usually fade within 7 to 10 days. You should take 5 to 7 days off from work or school to recover. Resume light aerobic exercise after 7 to 10 days and increase over the following weeks. You'll be prescribed medication to help with any discomfort after the treatment. 

Children can go back to gym classes two weeks after an otoplasty, but contact sports and diving should be avoided for about six weeks.

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