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Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Overly large or protruding ears can dominate your entire appearance. Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery that reshapes and sculpts the ear to help patients, including children as young as five, achieve a more balanced, proportionate aesthetic. Ear surgery can be a truly life changing experience, helping patients of all ages improve their self confidence.

Before & After Photos Available In-Office
To respect patient discretion, we offer a full gallery of before and after photos for review in-person at your consultation appointment.

About the Procedure

The otoplasty procedure corrects anatomical deformities that cause the ears to protrude farther away from the head than normal. Performed through a small, well-hidden incision within the crease behind your ear, the procedure’s technique will depend upon your particular needs. Dr. Lefkowitz may employ re-folding, suturing, and shaping of your ear to achieve a natural, proportional shape and position.


Most clients experience minimal discomfort following an otoplasty procedure. Mild swelling and bruising is normal after surgery, but this usually subsides substantially within 7-10 days. You may expect to take five to seven days off from school or work to recover from this procedure. Patients will be given prescription medications to help manage any discomfort during the recovery period.

Resuming light aerobic exercise (elliptical, walking, recumbent bike) after 7-10 days is recommended with a gradual increase over the next 2-3 weeks as tolerated. Children can return to gym classes after two weeks (however contact sports and diving into a pool are not recommended for about six weeks.)

Dr. Lefkowitz believes continuing care is essential to achieving the most positive results. He is always available to see you and answer any questions you have regarding you or your child’s recovery process.

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