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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia causes older men and boys to develop excess chest tissue, skin, and fat. Because it is not directly related to weight loss, this excess tissue often remains despite your best efforts to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy BMI. While you may feel alone in your search for a solution, gynecomastia is actually quite common. Dr. Lefkowitz’s personalized approach to gynecomastia correction will help you achieve the look you want and the self-confidence you’ve always deserved.

Before & After Photos Available In-Office
To respect patient discretion, we offer a full gallery of before and after photos for review in-person at your consultation appointment.

About the Procedure

Your personalized surgical plan will depend upon your skin’s elasticity and the amount of excess tissue to be removed. Dr. Lefkowitz will use the fewest number of incisions required to achieve your desired results.

If fatty excess is the primary reason for breast enlargement, liposuction through tiny incisions is used to contour and remove the excess fat. This is the preferred method, however, if there is excess breast glandular tissue, in addition to liposuction, a small incision at the base of the areola (junction between light and dark skin) is used to remove the extra tissue. If there is considerable skin excess or the skin is severely stretched, then the areola incision is continued around its entirety.

Regardless of the technique or combination of techniques employed, the result is a smaller, firmer chest. Gynecomastia correction procedures are usually performed as an outpatient procedure (go home the same day) in an ambulatory surgery center. Depending on your particular needs, gynecomastia reconstruction procedures typically take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours in most circumstances. However, Dr. Lefkowitz will always spend as much time as needed to achieve a balanced and natural appearance.

Your Results

You can expect to see the aesthetic results of your procedure immediately and final results within six months following surgery. Step out with confidence knowing you look as great as you feel.


Most patients experience only mild discomfort following Gynecomastia Correction. Some swelling is expected and normal after surgery. You will be wrapped with a compression garment at the end of the procedure. Dr. Lefkowitz recommends wearing the garment continuously for two weeks and then nightly for another four to six weeks. You will be given prescriptions to help ease the healing process. You are encouraged to go out to dinner the night after surgery.

You may allow seven days for recovery, although some patients may return to work in as few as five. Return to light aerobic exercise (elliptical, walking, recumbent bike) after 14 days is recommended with a gradual increase over the next 3-4 weeks as tolerated. Dr. Lefkowitz believes in following his patients long after the surgery is completed and will advise you on all matters of your recovery process.

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